Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lesson Seventeen: Pushing Restart

Hi there! We've been a little MIA but, with good reason! Other than the holidays, we have been moving into our new home. New state, new friends, new routines, new adventure.
We're {mostly} unpacked now and starting to settle in. The new house is nice. We're renting but we have more space than we thought we were. I've been so happy to use my 110v (American) appliances, to be able hang things on the walls with ease, and the comforts of home that we didn't even realized we missed. A full sized washer and dryer, a 2-car garage, a full sized oven, closets, carpet. It's the little things, really. My heart still aches for Italy. I miss many things about Europe but, being "home" is good too.

SO! With the new year {Hello 2015!}, we are starting a few new things. First of all, my little sidekick is starting SCHOOL! Half day Pre-K and he is very excited! We count our days in "sleeps" and every morning, I get the current countdown on how many sleeps are left until school starts ("One more sleep until school, Mommy!", was our conversation over breakfast). I'm excited for him, as well (Mommy nerves will settle within the week, I'm sure). I still plan on keeping up (restarting) our homeschooling plans, as well. I have been working on themes and projects. I have scaled back a little more with just a craft, math project, science project, and a writing project to get us through our weeks. The writing will, most likely, be our journaling. I really need to get our printer hooked up (who knows where the movers packed that cord?!), so I can use all the great resources I have found all over the internet. 

Anyway, just wanted to write a quick note so you know we didn't disappear again. :) Hopefully, I'll have a fun update by the end of the week about our first week of school and any other shenanigans. 

See you soon!


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