Monday, January 11, 2016

Year Three: Week Four: Journey to the Past

"Absence, with all its pains, is, by this charming moment, wiped away."
~James Thomson

It has been a crazy couple of months! The craziness started in November and it only now settling back into some form of normalcy. So, here we are taking a look back at our schooling, from last year (sheesh!), and I am going to really try and catch us up before next Christmas. *crosses fingers*

Meet Mr. Dry Bones. A lovely friend we made from paper plates. Another great Pinterest find that I cut out while Sidekick was taking a bath one evening. Yes, it's that easy. Here

 After we put our friend together and went over the bones (total simplified version), I had him draw his own version of a skeleton. I think he did wonderfully! But I am his mom so yes, I am biased. 

Sight words! Sidekick is on his way to reading! So, this is some reinforcement practice of common words. 

 It was once October. Which means, it was Halloween and pumpkin decorating was a must. Abstract art is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Again, I am happily biased. 

 Pumpkin structures! We had a lot of fun with this and imagining the rooms and all the friends that lived in our house. 

Sidekick wanted nothing else but to be Yoshi for Halloween. So I stretched my crafty wings and made his little dream come true. I bought the crochet hat on Etsy, turned his spiked dragon tail into a more appropriate Yoshi tail, and fashioned a shell and white belly out of felt and cloth. They slipped onto his shoulders so I didn't have to ruin a good set of thermals for one night of fun. Yes, it looked quite homemade but he was happy and that's all I care about. 

Birthday fun! Daddy was leaving shortly after our Sidekick's actual birthday so we took advantage of Halloween weekend and had a costumed birthday party! Our Mario obsession continued into the party planning and our little Yoshi was ecstatic! Another bit of craftiness went into the cake and one of the party games. The entire cake is homemade: the bottom is rainbow cake (per his request) and the mushroom is made of Rice Krispie treats. All covered in homemade icing. My mom made my birthday cakes for many years and it is something I enjoy doing for my sweet boy every year. 

The last drop of my craftiness was this Pin-the-Mustache Mario. I googled a picture, found a piece of cardboard (that I knew I would find a use for eventually!), drew him in pencil and then painted the day away. The mustaches are simply felt. The kids loved it so, all the work was worth it. 

So there we are. After this, my days got crazy full of school and fun visitors. Then the traveling came; which I'm still recovering from. But all that is for another day. One, maybe two, more posts and then I am caught up! More adventures to come, see you soon!

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