Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 6.2: Spring has Arrived!

What fine weather this is! Not very becoming perhaps early in the morning, but very pleasant out of doors at noon, and very wholesome-at least everybody fancies so, and imagination is everything.
-Jane Austen (in a letter to her sister Cassandra) November, 1798
Hello again! We had a wonderful week last week! Lots of fun doing lots of different stuff! The weather has been AAA-mazing so, we are spending more and more time outside each day. It's fantastic!
Here's a look at what we accomplished:
 With our new dotter paints, we are loving letter and shape searches. Such an easy and quick thing to do. Any time of day.
 C is for Circle and Caterpillar. I traced circles on the paper and my sidekick insisted on a pattern. I even mixed up the circles after we glued the first three and had him find the pattern. He did wonderfully. After we glued the eyes on, I had him draw a nose and mouth. {This was something new that I had never asked him to do} But LOOK! It's so cute! Then, I showed him how to draw little legs and let him go. Our little C friend turned out great!
 S is for Snowman. I know, I know. We've done nothing but wish for Spring for weeks now. I gave my sidekick options on what do make (Pinterest pictures, of course) and he picked this. He loves the snow, so I wasn't surprised. I did a little more pointing than usual so he could get the idea of where things went but it's still his work and I'm proud of him more every day.
 Our new fun time is to take silly selfies. I have about 30 on my phone after each session. Lots of fun and together time. :)
 Speaking of Spring! For an FRG function last week, Cam and I made an example of our kid craft. First, he helped me put seeds into the dirt bags. Then he painted his pot! And here's the finished project. The kids had lots of fun, and hopefully will have some new flowers soon!
 We started Music Class this week! Oh man! So. Much. Fun. This kid of mine loves to sing and dance any time but to make new friends, play with fun instruments, and learn new songs? What's not to love! Him and I both wish it was more than once a week.
We've added a new computer program to our schooling time. It's fantastic. He learned to use a mouse in one lesson and loves doing the different lessons that the site offers. I got a free trial month, so I figured why not. But I will, most likely, be subscribing (it's only $7.95/mo). He asks to play "mouse" daily and will sit for a good 20 minutes, fully concentrating on his lessons.
F is for frog! Another Pinterest find that was so fun. This is, of course, the ever-elusive Star Frog. I believe, this is the only one I've ever seen :)
It's been a great week! We've been keeping up with our workbooks and letter tracings, as well. My sidekick gets better every week. I can't wait to see what this coming week has in store for us!
See you soon!

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