Friday, February 28, 2014

Lesson Thirteen: Finding Our Way

Only a little, it might be. But if every man did the little he could — what a different world!
The Friends of Voltaire (1906)
We're starting upon month THREE of our new homeschooling schedule. Of course, it's not even the same schedule we started with in January! My sidekick is no longer in a preschool program {it's okay, his teacher was close to having her baby and needed to close down early}. So, we spent half of January and all of February fumbling around each other, trying find a good schedule. It hasn't happened. Maybe the word "schedule" just isn't meant for us! That's okay. I like our "fly by the seat of our pants" days. We can wake up and cuddle {And we've been singing songs lately. I'm not a good singer even when I'm at my most awake, much less first thing in the morning!}, make a yummy breakfast, do some schooling, and then get dressed and do some errands or just get outside. Some days, the errands take precedence over schooling. Not really by my choice, more out of necessity.
Of course, come next week, our "schedule" is thrown completely out the window because my sidekick is starting swim lessons and music class! I'm so excited! I can't even explain it to him because he would want to go right then and then it would just be a problem. Toddlers, after all, don't wait very well. So, he's in for a big surprise next week!
With our days becoming crowded with outside-the-house activities, I'm going to have to really step up our schooling time and days. I'm glad I cut back a little with the planning because it seems that every day schooling, just isn't going to happen. I do plan to put us a more pre-k stricter schooling schedule {say that 5 times fast!} after summer, before he turns four. I think he's ready but there is just too much coming up to even try to start something like that now.
So, we shall continue to fumble, happily, along. Doing schooling when we can and enjoying the coming of Spring. I hope you stick with us. I'm really trying to bring some new ideas (and/or borrowed ones with our own twist from Pinterest) to our blog. I love teaching my sidekick and learning new things daily. I can't wait to see where this adventure of ours takes us!
Thanks to all of you, for stopping by. Hopefully, you've found some useful ideas and good advice along the way. I'll check in again soon!

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