Sunday, February 8, 2015

Year Two: Week Nine {and Ten}: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Bones

Never let your schooling interfere with your education.
~Mark Twain

Well, somehow almost a month has gone by! I knew we would lose a week with our traveling and then I was sick and wasn't up to much. I still think I've lost a week that I can't account for. Hmm...but, it's gone now! So let's move on. Here's what we HAVE been up to, in our little lost-time world.

We talked about our bones and our 5 senses these past couple of weeks. 
Take a look!

 For this one, I traced our hands with pen and then glue. Then I made my "bones" and had my sidekick come in after and copy my picture. He did fantastic! We talked about our bones in our bodies and how they work. HERE is where the idea came from.

This was a fun one! I got the idea from HERE. I changed it a little though. This was our process:
Favorite Shape = Body of monster
Favorite Color = Color of body
Age = Number of eyes
Rectangle/Oval Mouth = Boy/Girl
Hair Pieces = How many letters in your name
Favorite Number = Teeth
Then my sidekick insisted on arms, fingers, legs, and tickle toes.
He really enjoyed this one! 

This one was all about our senses. While he was at school, I put some treats into three bags. Once he came home, he asked for a snack, as always. So, we played "Guess the Snack" game! He thought it was a lot of fun!

 His favorite part was tasting, of course.

 We did a very simple, and yummy, version of THIS.

 So, we got to spend some time with Mimi a couple weeks ago. Sidekick and I took a plane to Oklahoma, picked up our dogs, and our Mimi, and road tripped back across half the USA to our new home. It was quite the adventure. {This is also when I was at my most sick. Not so fun for me, or my poor mom who was stuck driving while I felt like death in the passenger seat.} We made it back safe and sound and got almost a whole week of Mimi time! 
Then she had to get back home and I needed a distraction because it was going to break my sidekick's heart that she was gone. So...CAKE! Bright green cake, bright blue icing, and as many sprinkles as he wanted. Yep, I'm that mom. And yep, it worked. Until he asked for Mimi to come back so she could eat our amazing cake with us. So, it worked for a little bit. 

Now this looks like it was fun but, I made it hard. On both of us. I wanted him to work on his *listening* because, it's been lacking the past couple of weeks. Which is exhausting. So, we pulled his wood toys out of his busy box and set to work on building a castle together. My intentions were to follow the instructions this time, instead of building a crazy castle. So, I look at the instructions, he follows what I say, and ta-da, we make a cool castle. But, he didn't want to listen the whole time. He didn't want to smile for a picture once it was finally completed. I wanted to kick the whole thing over from his attitude and give him something to cry about. Don't worry, that didn't happen. We took a time out from each other and then came back to marvel at what we did accomplish. It wasn't what I had set out to happen, but in the end, it worked out for both of us.

Now, I would have loved to make this cuter. Like THIS. But our printer isn't working and my art skills only go so far. So, I asked for help. From my four year old. :) See those eyes, nose and mouth? All him! I, then, asked him what body part we use for each sense. He got them all and then added some tickle toes for good measure. Everyone has tickle toes. Every. One. 

We're already almost done with this week (last weeks??) work so hopefully, I will get another post up soon! Keep an eye out! 

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