Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Year Two: Week Fourteen: I Love You S'more

Nobody had ever said that to Bertie before. How about some chocolate? It was not a complex, phrase, but its power, its sheer, overwhelming sense of gift and possibility filled Bertie with awe. Well might more of us say these words to others, and more frequently – how healing would that prove to be. “Look, we’ve had our differences, but how about some chocolate?” Or: “I’m so sorry, how about some chocolate?” Or simply: “Great to see you! How about some chocolate?”
~The Importance of Being Seven (2012)

We went CAMPING! Daddy had to work overnight and Sidekick always misses him so I wanted to come up with something super fun for us to do. I also just wanted to stay home. Ha! So, we went camping.. in the living room. But it was so fun! 

Check it out!

 Sidekick and I made these before school. We cut a banana in half, stuck a chopstick in one end, covered them in yogurt and sprinkles and set them in the freezer. They were so good!

We headed to the library after school and scouted some camping books to read that night. While he was at school, I packed his favorite backpack full of camping goodies. 
{Flashlight, binoculars, map, camera, snacks (nuts and 2 lollipops), shadow puppets, books}

 I even made shadow puppets!

 And a campfire!

 Then it was time to make the tent! Since this was an inside adventure, I took his reading tent and draped a sheet over it. It's quite colorful otherwise and it didn't go with our camping theme at all!

He was {obviously} excited to come over and see it all set up!
Sidekick got to make dinner! It was totally camping friendly. Biscuit Pizzas! We flattened some biscuits, a little bit of oil and some garlic salt sprinkles, then covered them in pizza sauce and cheese. Yum!

No camp-out is complete without s'mores! 

We even "roasted" our mallows!

Then we made messy s'mores and giggled into the night!

 Once our bellies were full, we watched a movie.
Binoculars were put to use, of course.

One more surprise before bed.
Shadow puppets! 
We laughed and made up stories and the little shadow boy fell off the moon... a lot. :)

Then it was time to cuddle in the tent, read our stories, and fall asleep. 

I had planned a nature walk and collage making project but the rain washed that plan away. I think we had a pretty good time! It helped us both miss Daddy a little less for the night although, it would have been much more fun to have him with us! 

See you soon!

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