Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Year Two: Week Thirteen: Argh! We's Be Getting Back To School, Matey!

Okay, Minion! You were right! I was…less right!

Well, well, well. It has been a little over a month...again. So sorry guys! I started my Masters, Sidekick's daddy started college as well, so between all that plus our normal craziness, homeschooling got left behind. This post has been ready and waiting for over two weeks! It's taken me this long to just sit at the computer (not doing my own schoolwork) and get it ready for you. 
Take a look:

Set this out for the sidekick. He was quite curious as to what we were making. 

 We practiced his cutting skills. He's getting pretty good!

We made a BOAT! The glue wouldn't hold as planned so, tape was the stand-in. Not as pretty but it worked! 
{I later found it in the toilet because "Someone" was to anxious to wait for bath time}

 Baking soda and water mixture frozen "treasure chests". I couldn't find many things to fit into the little amount of room that the trays has available, so I just made do with some sticking out. Sidekick didn't mind. 

{{Find the idea for this project HERE!}}

 We exploded our treasure chests with vinegar, practiced color mixing and found all the treasures!

 What an adventure!

 I glued some "doubloons" to a piece of paper and hid them under a page in his journal. We had Euro, English coins, even some from Jamaica! 

{{Better representation HERE }}

Then Sidekick (tried) to color over all of them but he was not so amused with this project so he found them and I colored. No big deal, we worked together!  

When in doubt of what to do with your kid, make some cookie dough and let them have some fun! He played with these while I prepped dinner and then was more than happy to sample them for dessert! 

Remember: These ideas and many more can be found on my Pinterest page. I have scoured the internet for more than enough hours collecting pins and ideas for our homeschooling and other random ideas.

Another post is coming right up! Make sure to check it out! See you soon!

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