Monday, November 4, 2013

Week Nine: Staying In and Still Having Fun

A boy’s will is the wind’s will,
And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.
My Lost Youth (1858)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
     This past week we got to decorate pumpkins and cakes! The weather stayed rainy for most of the week so we were stuck inside. But we made the best of it and tried some new games. Also, we cuddled and watched lots of movies. :)
     Have a look:
 He got to paint and paint his very own pumpkin! After some drying time, we worked on where the eyes, nose, and mouth go.
 Rain, rain, would not go away! So, I covered some shapes in contact paper and threw them on the floor! Fun, right? Well, I actually cut out smaller matching shapes of the ones on the floor and let him pick them out of a bag and then go find the match. He loved it!
 Painting with corks. Which we have an abundance of, living in Italy and all. :) We painted a fall tree in hopes that the trees around here would take a hint and change colors already!
It was birthday week! He painted and decorated his own little cake here and we talked about how old he is while we put on the candles. He helped me make (and eat) the rice krispie treats and his "real" cake for his party. Such a great little baker, I have. :)

Things we learned this week:
Rainy days can be cuddle days but sidekicks need to do something with all that energy. We spent lots of time running around our basement and jumping on his trampoline. With the rainy season still upon us, we will be looking for lots of new inside things to entertain us.
I am discovering new things he likes to do. Like helping me bake, helping me clean, new ways his imagination is growing while playing with his toys. It's so fun to see new things he enjoys and letting him take over.

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