Monday, November 4, 2013

Lesson Nine: A Letter of Love

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.
Le Petit Prince (1943) (The Little Prince)

My Sweet Sidekick,

     You are officially three! I am still adjusting to how fast your little life has flown by. You're no longer fully dependent on me for your every need, you no longer need my help with some of the smaller, daily things. Instead, you help me! It's a bit sad for this mommy. BUT! My dear child, I am so proud of you. You astound me daily with your smarts and your silliness. Let me think back to some of my favorite moments.

     One of my favorites is the word you've made up for when something is just too good for one word. "Cool-mazing" has become a household word and we love that you came up with it, all on your own.
     I love your need for family hug time. This is where you crawl up into one of our laps and then call the other over, "Come hug, Momma". And then you wrap your sweet little arms around us with plenty of "aww's" and kisses. It's always a sweet moment and I'm so glad it happens often in our home.
     Some of my favorite phrases are: "how are you?", "what's wrong, baby?", "me sad" (it's just so adorable when you say it!), "come hug!", "kiss! mwah!", "love me!", "aww, so happy Momma!" (this happens every time we hug), "aww, so sweet!", "it's so cute!". This list goes on and more is added to it daily. Your witty, funny, emotional, loving, and just plain amazing, kid.
      One of my favorite things about you, is how you love to help. Anything I'm doing, you must be a part of it. Whether its putting away the dishes, fixing dinner, bathing the dogs, cleaning the house. I love how you want to be big even though I wish you'd just stay small a little longer.
     I'm sure I could think of a million more because you do things daily that I wish I freeze each moment to ensure it's safekeeping in my memory.

     Now, to brag on you a little. I can't help it! You're so smart for such a small human. You know your entire alphabet and can recognize both lower and uppercase letters. You can count to 29 in English, to 10 in Italian, and to 5 in your own language. You can count to 10 on your fingers. You have the uncanny ability to know how many of something there is without really seeming to count them. You know so many shapes, including pentagon and trapezoid. Any color of the rainbow is already known in your smart little brain. You can sign "smart" and "thank you". You know how to say "hello" (ciao) and "please" (por favore) in Italian but you understand much more than that. You love to paint, to create, to make a mess. You are also very polite. You always tell us "thank you" when we've given you something you asked for. You'll even say "you're welcome" for us! You've picked up on "I love you" which you say "love me" back to us.
     Before we had you, I knew I wanted to be a mom. It was a deep feeling that I knew only you could fulfill. For the first year, I think I just stared in amazement that I finally had you in my arms. For the second year, I held you close and showed you this big world and was amazed, yet again, at how you were mine. For this third year, I have stood back a little. I let you explore while I watched on trying to see the world through your eyes. I held you hand but let you lead me. Every year, every day, every single moment with you is a gift. My heart is overfilled with love for you. You have brought your daddy and I closer together than ever before. You have showed me what love truly is. You have given us the chance to relive our childhoods and to give you more than we had the first time around. It has been so FUN to have you and to watch you grow. To watch you figure out this world around you, to see you think, to see you play. To get to be a part of your life is a blessing.
     We aren't perfect parents in the least, but you have given us something to strive for. We want to show you that you can do and achieve anything in this world. In order for you to do this, we must believe in that as well. We must do everything we can to SHOW you that you can do anything. We must give you every opportunity to excel. Oh baby, we will do just that. Don't you worry. You deserve the world and more.
     I must end this somehow. I know I have forgotten things that I knew I wanted to say to you. But know this, I love you. Simply. More than life. More than anything. You are amazing. You are smart. You have a smile that makes my every day into something wonderful. You have a laugh that can turn around any bad day. You stole my heart before I even saw your face. You alone know what my heart sounds like from the inside and it's you that I hold most dear. I wish I could hold you close forever. To protect from the bad things that are sure to find their way into our happy little world. But I must let you fly. I'll catch you when you need me though. I'll always be here. Happy Birthday my little love. Wishing you everything this world has to offer.

I love you.

Love love,

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