Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week Ten: Paint, Glue, Velcro..OH MY!

"Progress is progress, no matter how small"
This week was another crazy one (I'm seeing a pattern here, anyone else catching onto my ever-growing craziness??). Never the less, we did some fun projects. Even a few that are a continual learning process. Yay!
Look! Look here!:
 Our new weather board! The sidekick has a lovely window that brings in the sunrise every morning. So, this board is our first step to learning about weather! We've mastered the "no, you may not go outside without pants on. It's cold today." lesson, so now we are trying this! We come to the window every morning after we brush our teeth. It's been quite the fun little addition to our morning routine.
I velcro'd the back of the felt pieces so he gets to pick out the right one and do it himself. It's our favorite part.
 We, officially, said our farewells to warm weather with this "I" is for ice cream art project and one last trip to our local gelato shop before they closed for the season.

One of the sidekick's gifts from his birthday was a cool set of gears! We love GEARS (thanks to Team Umizooomi)! These will be fun on our rainy, snowy, cold days that are on their way.
 Veteran's Day was Monday. In our house, it's more than a day off. It's a day to make our veteran feel extra special and to remember those who have given their all for the sake and safety of our country. So, we made a special wreath for our hero.
 Practicing our cutting skills! Still really hard work.
 Yes, my sweet sidekick, its a circle. And yes, my darling, you can put your face through it. You're definitely my kid...
We are thankful for our Italian military family and for all the soldiers who came before them.

Things we learned this week:
We talked about being thankful. Granted, he thanks us all day long (for his juice, his dinner, handing him his blanket or toy. He's quite polite). We talked about Boo-dad's job and how lucky we are to have such a great soldier. I don't know if he understood, but it's a place to start. More thankful talks will be coming in the next few weeks as we work our way to Thanksgiving.
He picked up on the weather really quick! He notices the sky more whenever we go outside and even noticed the sun was out by seeing the shadows in our yard.
I plan on setting up his gears in such a way that he has to connect two gears that are on opposite sides. It'll be fun to see how he comes up with ways to connect them. We also have a new set of wood blocks so I'm sure some new block towers will be seen on here soon!

Here's where I found some of our ideas:
The link for our set of gears: http://www.amazon.com/Gears-%C2%AE-Beginners-Building-Set/dp/B00000DMCE/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1384284630&sr=1-1&keywords=gears+toy

Veteran's Day Wreath:

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