Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lesson Eleven: Catching Up!

Narrator: He puzzled and puzzled till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. Maybe Christmas, he thought… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more!
-How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Let's catch up on our missed weeks, shall we? What better way to go about it than to show you through pictures! Enjoy!
We hiked up a giant hill, last month, in Montecchio, Italy so see the original Romeo and Juliet castles. My little adventurer and I had a wonderful time. We picked leaves, saw some amazing views, counted stairs. Outside learning days are definitely a favorite!

We are working on responsibility and doing things ourselves .What a better way to work on this than making chocolate milk?

This was a fun project! It was a Pinterest find that we really enjoyed!
 {Here is the link for this project}

I don't remember where I saw the idea for this little owl. If you know, please let me know and I'll give them full credit. I know I saw it somewhere...
Anyway. It's a simple concept that he loved once he saw the finished product.
We worked on our sequencing too! Thanks to Team Umizoomi, we LOVE patterns! This is just example of our pattern making.

Another project that I know came from somewhere else! I had them all saved in my phone and then a certain little sidekick deleted all my pages. {SIGH} So, now I have zero memory on where these fun things came from. Again, if you know, please tell me!
This was a multi-step project. First, we painted the bubble wrap..
Then we turned it over onto our construction paper and he got to "bam" it! Always fun!

Once it dried, I cut them into "corn" shapes and had him glue it all together. Ta-da!
Of course, we had a noodle turkey for Thanksgiving!
Here's a peek at the beginnings of our Christmas. I'll post a full Christmas blog after we return from our vacation.
This is our new little felt tree. It came in a book that I read while he decorated.
Nothing says "Christmas in Italy" than lots of hot chocolates for the sidekick and cappuccinos for the momma! It's the little things that make our adventure here so memorable.  
Hope to see you back here after the new year! I have lots of new plans and ideas to show you! Merry Christmas from Italy!

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