Monday, January 13, 2014

Lesson Twelve: New Year, New Plan

The more that you read,
The more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
The more places you’ll go.
Oh, the Places You'll Go! (1990)
Happy 2014 all! Another year of adventure is upon us! Hooray!
Our little family spent a wonderful Christmas in Germany. We saw Christmas markets, castles, lots of snow, and even a circus on Christmas Day! It was a relaxing and good for the soul kind of vacation. I couldn't have asked for more.

Over our "break", I contemplated the direction I wanted to take to continue his schooling. We are moving this year, so our lives are bound to get a little crazy in a few months. I really wanted to keep it easy while still throwing in some new ideas for him. Also, my sweet sidekick is in a half-day preschool program three days a week. Lots of play time with new friends, social skills, listening to someone other than Mommy and Daddy, and overall happiness. He is really enjoying it. But with this addition to our schedule, I am cutting back our school days to just Tuesday and Thursday mornings since there is more of a chance of those being "home days". So again, simplicity is key.
I decided to keep doing letter crafts and starting over with all 26 letters. He loves these projects and I have found some fun, new ways to learn about the letters on Pinterest. We are also going to continue our letter hunts. Which is another reason for starting over on our letters. Along this line of thinking, I found some great pre-k workbooks at our PX. While I'm not usually a fan of workbook type work, I think for learning to trace his letters and numbers, it's a good start. Plus side, he loves them! So, we've added those. I've also been looking into science projects. Whether it's a new type of painting or learning how to mix colors, we've got lots of good projects coming!
Now. How have I decided to tackle our new schooling year? I wrote letters on 26 popsicle sticks and on our school days, I am asking him to pick a letter. He was so excited to get to choose! It's the little things that keep me going with all of this, and his excitement is a big factor. So, then I quickly look up a project for that letter, gather our supplies, and we get to work. After we finish that project, I pull out our new workbooks and work on our tracing and following directions.
I also want to work on telling time and responsibility with him. I've found a good clock puzzle to begin this process and also a chore chart. Now by "chores", I mean, putting his dishes in the sink, helping feed our dogs, take a bath, brush his teeth, clean up his toys. Things that he already does and are appropriate for his age. I just want him to see that there are rewards and good feelings that come with completing little things like that.
So, this is where the fun begins! I'm ready to get started!

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