Saturday, December 14, 2013

Week Eleven: Weeks Go By...

Homer Simpson
It's been weeks, my friends! Oh my! I was doing so good writing every week and getting our lessons done and then...BAM! We got busier doing other things, my laptop broke, and then the habit was broken. It was all downhill from there. But, here I am now! We haven't been doing as much schooling these past couple of weeks. He hasn't really wanted to and I didn't want to push him. Plus, I wanted to give us both a break and a re-energized plan for the new year. We've painted here and there, we still read, we sing songs, dance. So, we're still happily learning.
I had all these great thoughts about what I wanted to end with for my last blog of the year (we'll be vacationing for Christmas this year and probably won't recover until after the new year). Of course, now I can't think of anything insightful. I have spent my days loving my time with my sidekick. I know my days are numbered. Not only is he starting a part-time daycare program but all too soon, he won't even want to spend his every waking moment with me. So, I've been holding on to these days hoping to imprint them into my memories. It's a 50/50 whether that will work since I can barely remember what I ate yesterday. Surely, these memories are a little more important though. :)
I have struggled with time management this last month. I blame Winter. It seems to take twice as long to convince myself to get out of our warm bed only to be cold the rest of the day. Especially with my little heater curled up next to me. So, more often than not, I'm cutting out some errands only to spend an extra day out to get my to-do list done. Hopefully, I can get my act together soon. I'm getting my sidekick a responsibility chart (this one) but maybe I need to make myself one as well! He loves to help and I want him to show him that we notice and appreciate it.
I suppose I shouldn't sit here and ramble on, wasting all of our time. :) I hope your holiday season is wonderful and I look forward to showing you lots of new things come January! See you soon!
Merry Christmas from Italy!

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