Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 1.2: New Ideas, New Fun!

"Occasionally, in times of worry, I’ve longed to be stylish, but on second thoughts I say no – just let me be myself – and express severe, rough, yet true things with rough workmanship."
-Vincent Van Gogh
Well, it only took me a week to write my normal two blogs. Sheesh! But we are working on a new schedule and it's been an adjustment of time, for this momma. I'm working on it and I will strive to get better!
Anyway! Happy New Year! It's 2014! Let me show you how we started our new schooling year!
 Snow Painting! I got the recipe from Growing A Jeweled Rose. It's simply equal parts glue and white shaving cream. Lots of fun!
 I set up an invitation to trace shapes on our chalkboard. We talked about the different shapes, how many sides each has, and then I helped him go around each shape once before trying on his own.
 Over Christmas break, I tired to think of new ways to school with my sidekick. I knew our schedule was going to become a little busier so, adjustments to {everything} was going to have to happen. I thought of this! I wrote all the letters on popsicle sticks and on our schooling days, I let him pick a letter before breakfast. Then I will find a fun project and TA-DA! School Day Fun!
{sidenote: I wanted to start over on the letters because he enjoys these projects so much and they are great way to jumpstart our learning each day.}
 The first letter he picked was X. I scoured Pinterest and found this easy project from several sites. It was an easy concept so I just looked at the pictures {Smart mommy moment, right?}. We not only got to "play" our xylophone {singing was involved, as well}, but we got to work on sorting large to small.
 I found these workbooks at our PX. While, I'm not a fan of these, usually, the sidekick and I had so much fun! It is a great way for him to work on his listening and following directions. As well as, the beginning skills of writing.
Over break, I sat and wrote down the whole alphabet. As we pick our letters each week, we will also work on tracing and writing our letters. It's a new concept for my sidekick but I think he'll do great as the weeks go by!
Over all, we had a great first week back! I can't wait to get into this new routine and see him learn even more this year!

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