Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 2.2: Experiments and Sticky Fingers

“Don’t give up! I believe in you all.
A person’s a person, no matter how small!
And you very small persons will not have to die
If you make yourselves heard! So come on, now, and TRY!”
Horton Hears a Who! (1954)
 -Dr. Seuss
Hello! We had a great week! We tried some new things, all with smashing successes!
Take a look:
 "W" is for worm. This was fun because we also talked about the order of sky, grass, and dirt. Our coloring skills need some more work {obviously}. :)
 We froze colored ice cubes and painted with them! Chilly fun!
 We also took the ice cubes and watched them melt in some oil. When they started to melt and separate, my little sidekick exclaimed that the "colors made bubbles!".
 Our finished ice painting.
 "H" is for house. I asked him to draw our family....again, we need to work on our coloring. Haha!
 This was super fun! I mixed water and food coloring with baking soda. While the paint was still wet, we took a dropper filled with vinegar over it and watched them fizz and bubble up. He was so surprised that I'm glad the paper finally dried!
"Z" is for zebra. Simple craft with happy results.
Where our ideas came from this week:
Pinterest for our zebra, house, and worm.
Two different Pinterest ideas from and came together for our painting with ice and our ice in oil experiments.
**Feel free to search my Homeschooling board on Pinterest. Username: mandycarol**
Enjoy your week!

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