Monday, May 19, 2014

Lesson Fifteen: Long Time Gone

It's been a MONTH since I've written! We've been doing many great things but, my computer is not letting me upload pictures at this time. I'm not computer savvy enough to figure it out right now, so you're stuck with my simple words.
Since I was last on here, my sidekick and I travelled to London, did a few projects here and there, and have been enjoying the wonderful weather that Spring has finally blessed us with!
Mom-wise, I've started a new workout routine. I was in need of a new me. Someone I can like being again. That takes up my mornings now. Then breakfast, then schooling happens if the little guy is in the mood. With the sunshine calling our names almost every morning, we usually inhale our breakfasts as quickly as possible, then outside we go! Being a stay-at-home-mom is such a blessing. I tailored my new workout days around the fact that I can't go be in a gym for hours at a time. I scoured my trusty Pinterest to find the best *at home* routines I could work with. Take those, plus 2 days (1 hour max each day) a week at the gym, which is followed by park time when we can. If I can't get my workouts done before he wakes up (as much as I do try!), then I am perfectly happy to sweat outside while my Little runs with our puppies. This also includes me. In between crunches, push-ups, and planks, I am playing catch, hide-and-seek, or whatever else he dreams up. It's like double the workout! It's great. :)
It was time for a new me, and my sidekick is so encouraging with it! He helps me count my repetitions, he even tries to do some himself! He gladly eats all the cookies and sweets that end up at our house so I don't have to. I'm doing this for him, as much as for myself. When I'm happier, I can make him happier so it all works out.
Sidekick-wise, he's starting on the phonics of letters and words. He knows, recognizes, and can write his own name. We've been working on writing our letters, not just tracing. I'll write the letter on my paper and he'll look at it, and write it on his. For only being 3, he's doing very well! {I wish I could SHOW you! Stupid computer!}
 He knows the sounds that the letters make and we're working on recognizing what words that start with each letter. {me: "what starts with A?" kid: "apple". me: "what starts with B?" kid: "balloon!". me: "what starts with C?" kid: "colors!". And so the story goes} He gets a little distracted shortly after that, but it's fun to see what words he comes up with on his own.
We have around 5 or so letters left to work through on our letter projects. We last worked on M for Marshmallow {Eat 2. Glue 1. Eat 3. Glue 1}. These are still really fun for us, we {I} just need to make more time for them. After that, I want to start concentrating on writing and reading. And lots of summer-fun-time playing! My posts will be a little sporadic, I'm sure. At the end of summer, we'll be moving as well. At that time, pretty much everything will be put on hold until we get to where we're going.
We've got some time before that happens, and I hope to write about our progress with reading and writing and our summer adventures. Keep checking in! I'm going to  really try and get my pictures to upload this week! Once I have more time to sit and grumble at the computer until it does what I want.
Wish me luck!  

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