Monday, September 8, 2014

Lesson Sixteen: Moving Home

AMERICA! What a bittersweet moment it was during take-off from Italy and landing back in the United States. Tears were shed both times. Our Italian adventure is now over and we are in a moment (3 months long moment, anyway) of waiting now before our next real adventure begins. My sidekick and I have moved in with my parents and are enjoying some down time of family, friends and relaxing. By "down time" I mean, we are starting our second year of homeschooling, soccer just started, play dates are being made ...{inhale}... and those are just HIS plans. I've got my own stuff in the mix. Needless to say, we busy but happy.
Daddy is still in Italy, finishing his tour there on his own. Don't feel too sorry for him, he's got Oktoberfest plans (the "real" one in Germany), and everything he may need to survive within walking distance since he's living in the barracks. Technology is definitely a savior right now. We get to Skype often, text daily, and send pictures. It's better than a deployment, that's for sure.

Now to brag on my sidekick a little. To start, we had an almost 11 hour flight. I had to keep track of one giant suitcase, 2 backpacks (one for him, one for me), my purse, our two dogs in their kennels (yes, they came home with us and yes, it was a pain), tickets, passports (both human and dog), orders, other random paperwork, and just things. OH! and the kid. Haha! We had two planes and a total of three airports to navigate. Our first flight was easy. Under two hours and with a morning snack, it was not bad at all. Then about 45 minutes in airport #2 before boarding "the big plane". Did I mention that our day started at about 2am (4am for the kid since he got to sleep on the way to airport #1)? So, by the time we got on "the big plane" it was about lunch time and this momma was feeling the hints of exhaustion. After we were fed a warm lunch, the kid and I settled in and watched some shows. Tiredness finally came over us and we cuddled as comfortably as we could and slept. This sidekick ended up sleeping for about half the flight! (Ooooh happy momma!) I slept a few hours and then happily drank some coffee and teas (that the attendants, wonderfully, kept refilling) and watched some movies. Then we landed on American soil, got through customs quick and painless, found our pups and our luggage, found my family, then blearily, and hungrily, made our way home. First stop, Sonic. You would not believe the food you miss when you are overseas. The kid got his first Strawberry Sprite ("oh! wow! yum!") and some tater tots. It didn't take long for him to remember where that goodness came from so requests are made almost daily now. Ha!

Overall, the trip home could have been much worse. Once we actually got on the plane(s), it was quite simple. Thank goodness. Now to enjoy this time at home while we wait for our Daddy Bean to arrive so we can be on our way, together, on our next adventure.

Next subject! Our homeschooling plans. We are into Week Three of our second year. Before we made our move home, I sat and planned out 52 possible themes, (mostly) planned 20 weeks, then gathered supplies for the first 12 weeks. After which, I packed it all in a big box and sent it home. Now we are here, and getting into a good rhythm with schooling. I can't wait to see how he grows this year with the new stuff I have planned for him. I hope you get some ideas if you are in need of them and enjoy this part of our adventure with us.


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