Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Year Two: Week Five: Weathering The Storms

Grandfather: The truth is that, while we Welsh like to believe that it was the mountains that beat the successive invaders, it was really the weather that comes with mountains. It was the rain that defeated every invader. Yes, simple rain.
~The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain

What a perfect week for our weather projects! We actually had real storms! The thunder, the lightning, it was wonderful. The high winds...not so much. No damage here though, thank goodness. My sidekick and I stayed up one night, cuddled in bed, listening to the storms. We talked about what sounds we heard, how it made us feel, and the shadows the lightning made. School can happen anywhere, any time of day, just be with your kid and let it happen. 

Breeze on through what we did this week:

 Found this on via Pinterest. This was an easy after-dinner project. We didn't get into the density of things but he made some pretty good guesses by holding the foods before putting them in the water.

 Minus having the WORST water balloons ever, this was fun! I wrote out 1-20 in chalk and then we worked on simple addition. I would ask him (example) "1+2" and then we would count it and he would throw the water balloon on the correct answer. Only our water balloons wouldn't pop. Again, worst ever. So, we had a small water balloon fight in the grass (the only place they would pop!) and then I had him jump on the right answers for our game. 

 I like to have him help me as much as possible. How else is he going to learn this stuff? So, here we are cutting meat for our supper. This kind of stuff isn't the most exciting but it's good practice as he grows.

 Back to weather! We made rain! Simple! Water in a glass, shaving cream on top, and food coloring. We used too much shaving cream at first, so it took forever (we both lost interest) while the food coloring made its way through the shaving cream. I swiped some of it off and we tried again. Ta-da! 

 One of my projects for him this week was a Froot Loop lacing project for his fine motor practice. Instead, we made this jewel at his cousin's art birthday party! He was very proud of it and I had the privilege of wearing it for the afternoon. 

Any time you can decorate and eat your own it. Every single time!

More fun coming this way soon! Check back for our next adventure!

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