Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week Eight: Keeping it Easy

I came to realize that exaggerated concern about what others are doing can be foolish. It can paralyze effort, and stifle a good idea. One finds that in the history of science almost every problem has been worked out by someone else. This should not discourage anyone from pursuing his own path.
Theodore von Kármán
The Wind and Beyond, 1967
This week we tried some new things, reinvented some things we'd done before, and watched eggs. It was all very exciting!
Have a look:
 We've done this sun project, earlier this summer. So this time, same concept, just different numbers. We worked on 11-20 this time (we did 1-10 the first time). He recognized all the numbers and matched them perfectly.

 This was a fun project! (Link below) You pour glue into a plastic lid, add dots of food coloring, mix around with a toothpick, and then let them dry for days and days. The colors smush together a lot during the drying process but it was still a lot of fun!
 Just a simple "g" is for garden.
 This was an interesting one for us. The egg on the left is sitting in vinegar. The right is in water. Day two brought bubbles, by day four the shell of the vinegar egg was squishy.
Day five or so (the sickness had set in, so I may have lost a day). The shell of the vinegar egg broke open but the yolk stays entirely intact! So strange. The sidekick didn't really understand what was happening but Mommy and Daddy were fascinated. The sidekick just liked poking the eggs daily and was very surprised when the vinegar egg was squishy. {"Oh! Mommy! Soft!"}
Things we learned this week:
School doesn't have to be done at the table every day. We are still playing outside when we can and have had lots of fun crunching leaves. Science is still a very new concept for the sidekick so, I'll slowly keep introducing some new experiments along the way.
I am also really enjoying looking for new things for us to do when I have the time. It's been fun to incorporate new ideas into what I've already got planned and see it all work out. The sidekick is very flexible and will follow along with almost anything. That helps make this adventure of ours so fun!
Where some of our ideas came from:
Egg experiment:
Wet glue suncatchers:
But for the full instructions on the suncatchers look here:


  1. Another great week! I love your pom pom garden!

    1. Thank you! It's been fun trying new things. :)