Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 3.2: Rain, Rain, Won't Go Away

Carl: Let’s play “Who Can Be Quiet The Longest.”
Russell: Cool! My mom loves that game!
Not a very exciting week here. There has been a lot of rain here lately so our moods have been in full lazy mode. What we did was really fun but neither of us were really motivated to do much other than play with toys, read books, and watch movies. We did our letter tracing and workbook projects, as well. He's getting really good! I'll post an update about them next week.
Here's some of fun things we did accomplish this week:
 We did some imaginative play. We had some leftover scraps of paper out and we ended up making all kinds of things with them. This was a barn, for the pigs (aka: markers). We also made a house for Mommy, and a boat. It was fun to sit back and watch him come up with these things!
 He picked the letter R this week. So, off to Pinterest I went and found us a rocket ship (he calls it rocket space. Haha!) to make. My sidekick took it one step further by noticing the pattern in the colors of the paper and telling me the shapes as we glued them on (including the trapezoid, little smartie!). You can also see where I had dotted his name for him to trace. He did fantastic!
Overall, still a good week. Daddy came home over the weekend so we went out to lunch. A cookie was a must-have.
Our cookie routine goes like this:
S: May I have moneys, Mommy?
M: Of course! (hands him a dollar)
S: (to the cashier) One cookie, please. With chips and chocolate! (sometimes referred as a "black cookie" although I don't know why other than the chips are black. Silly kid.)
Then the money is given and a cookie is handed in return. He promptly thanks (half the time in Italian) the cashier, waves, and off we go to the seat of his choosing. It's a fun part of our day out.
We have more fun things planned and already done this coming week!
Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon!

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