Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 4.2: Love and a little bit of snot

Oh the things you can find
If you don’t stay behind!
On Beyond Zebra! (1955)
-Dr. Seuss
So, we ended up getting sick again! Blech! Lots of coughing, sneezing, snotty noses, and long nights. We're finally on the downhill of it all, thank goodness! Finally getting out of the house again and getting things back in order is why this week's post is so late. We're still working on a good schedule; haven't quite found one yet.
Here's what our days were like, sickness and all! Enjoy:
 Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. We found, yet another, fun project there. O is for owl. Fun!
 This is from our workbook. Since we're still working on the sounds of letters, I gave him some visuals by writing out the words for him to find the O words. Then, we put our O cereal (one cereal on, eat five) on the O words. He did great!
 This is his letter tracing. All by himself! I am one proud momma that he's picking up on this so well!
 O is for Orange! So we painted on orange paper, with orange paint, ORANGE! :)
 I took a paper towel roll, cut it, and made shapes for him to paint with. Circle (didn't really have to make that one), square, and heart. Just gave the kid some paint and let him go!
 THE SUN CAME OUT! We have had weeks of rain, threats of floods, lots of flooding in other areas, and no sun. So, we immediately went to the park when the sun made its appearance for one day, last week.
 We got some handy scoopers in the mail. Here is what they look like. They are awesome! I poured some of our colored rice into a bowl and we went digging for dinosaurs! We played with this for a good 20 minutes (which is like an hour in toddler time!). So much fun! I highly recommend them for some good motor skill practice.
 Since we had already completed a "yellow yarn" project earlier in our school year, I put a new twist on it. This was a little difficult for him to grasp, and I did finish it for him in the end (no attention span, that day). The wrapping of the yarn just didn't hold his attention nor could he quite get the hang of it without getting frustrated. Good try all around though.
 We also got paint dotters! Look at them here. I loved these as a kid (playing Bingo with my Granny) so I wanted my sidekick to have the same fun! I made a letter hunt for him and a shape hunt the next day. He's also just painted with them and seems to enjoy them as much as I did.
One of our last projects for the week was our Valentine. We have the sweetest little friend named Eva and (on their good days) the kids just LOVE each other. Some days, not so much, but their mommies conspired to make them Valentine sweethearts anyway. :) The poem reads:
I like the way you call me name
And the way you play
I like the way you miss me
And boss me like you're "Miss Thang"
I like how you share your food
And the way you wear your hair
I like how you blow me kisses
And how together, we're a perfect pair
I like the way you tell me, "no"
Even though I don't always listen
I like the way you're small to me,
But always my biggest best friend.
Yes, I hit an all-time high in the cornball of it all. But I couldn't help myself! If you can name the movie that my inspiration came from, I'll give you an Internet high-five. :)
I hope we made you smile this week.
We sure did have lots of fun! See you soon!

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