Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week Seven: New Ideas

A boy’s will is the wind’s will,
And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-My Lost Youth (1858)
This current week plus last week equal this week's work. We got a little busy around Wednesday (last week) and finally got some extra time to work on finishing up some projects (this week). Never the less, the sidekick and I are getting the hang of this homeschooling stuff.
My projects usually come from MudHutMama but she took a couple of weeks off from her letter crafts around this time, which is okay! I just know that my sidekick really likes these so I got creative! I went back to the letters we already worked on and came up with new ideas so we could review them. It turned out really well!

Have a look:
 "d" is for dragon!
We went on a "D" scavenger hunt after making our dragon. We used our trick-or-treat bucket and collected things that started with D. I had to get him started but he found the duckie, dolphin, and dog all on his own! I'm a proud momma!
I covered a paper in tape and then let the sidekick paint, paint, paint! After it dried, we *slowly* peeled off the tape together to reveal the lines. "Tracks Momma!". And yes, they were driven on before put on the wall of his masterpieces. :)

Halloween is coming up so we started some theme crafts!
We counted and glued 16 ghosts!
(Yes, I'm aware they look like Pac-Man ghosts. But hey! I'm an 80's kid!)

Our counting ghosts were a little boring so, I got creative again, and we made "real" ghosts! We crumpled paper (which was fun for the sidekick) and then, simply, covered the crumpled paper in a paper towel and taped it shut. Then, I drew a couple of faces and let him copy on the rest of them.
I think they're adorable!

While I was getting our ghosts together for display, my little sidekick glued an "o" is for oval and then colored more oval shapes on top with his new markers. We also spent some time searching for "O" things. He really likes finding and putting things in his bucket (Just in time for trick-or-treating!).
Things we learned this week:
We can finish a project any time! We are back on track now and already have some fun projects done that we can't wait to show you! I think, though, it was a good little break for us. I don't want him getting bored with school. And even though we both love an easy routine, it was good to change it up. He was excited to get back to it and that makes me happy.
Have a good week! See you soon!

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