Monday, October 7, 2013

Week Six: Busy, Busy, Busy

I’d like to have your advice on how to live comfortably without working hard.
-Jack Favell
     So, another busy week for the sidekick and I. We, obviously, spent too much time in the car.

     He was a trooper though. This was just him, at the very end of his rope. Poor guy. Cuddles and a nap happened shortly after this picture. He was helpful the rest of the time and we made sure to get our schooling in when we were home.
     Here's what we did:

"l" is for ladybug and leaf! He wasn't very sure when we started this project because of all the pieces but once we worked on the first one together, he saw what we were going for and made it happen!

"y" is for yellow and yarn!

Oh YES! We baked this week. Licking the spoon is always a favorite!
     Things we learned this week:
I learned just how far I can push my little sidekick when it comes to busy days. I, maybe, expected a little much from him, but he did his best and was rewarded with kisses for his efforts.
The sidekick has become very helpful the past few weeks. Wanting to help put dishes away, help with groceries, putting his own dishes in the sink, it's the little things. But it makes me happy and he's very proud to have his "big" moments.
     Here's where our ideas stemmed from this week:


  1. I love that top photo and your ladybug craft turned out so cute!

    1. Thank you! It was one of those moments where if I didn't laugh, I would be crying along with him! Haha!